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About Us
A Trusted Company

We are a conglomeration of industry professionals, set out to provide an excellent turf care solution at an affordable rate to consumers. Backed by a knowledgeable staff and complete transparency, to educate our customers as we strive to make Agxact the only choice in outdoor services.

Our mission is to establish the industry benchmark of customer experience and quality in lawn care, tree care, and pest control through innovative and automated solutions to optimize the performance and results for every customer.  With our expertise, our customers benefit from our products and services, which unleash the full potential of their outdoors.

Our vision is encompassed by our drive for excellence, success, and work ethic as we work tirelessly to re-brand the image of home services and revolutionize the lawn care industry.

Agxact is a family of industry professionals dedicated to providing an excellent service and experience to every homeowner. With our education and understanding of the lawn care industry, it’s history, and it’s trends over the last 40 years. We attacked all the problems and stigmas head on. Doing so, brought us to the crossroads of technology and innovation. Making it our mission to establish the industry benchmark of customer experience and quality. Effectively bringing the lawn care industry into the new century with the latest processes, systems, and technologies available on the market. Pairing everything together, with a tireless work ethic, we will strive to achieve our goal of making Agxact the only choice in service for you to revel in your outdoors.

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