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Plant Health Begins With The Soil We Use Holganix Bio 800+ Which Contains Over 800 Beneficial Microorganisms Why Choose Agxact? Reducing our carbon foot print One lawn at a time A Pet Friendly Solution We Use a DNA Stamped FDA Food Grade Product mouse

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An Environmentally Conscience Approach

Environmentally friendly ProductS

With Holganix Bio 800+ Lawn, you reduce your fertilizers and concentrated pesticides up to 75% while providing the lush, green turf your customers expect! An organic plant probiotic, Holganix Bio 800+ Lawn charges the soil with over 800 species of microbes to build healthy soils that do a lot to care for the plant naturally.  

BIO 800+ Tree & Shrub

Holganix Bio 800+ Tree and Shrub recreates this natural, forest soil environment for your trees and shrubs by building up the soil microbes in and around your landscaping, which in turn promotes root development and nutrient uptake.  

The Science Begins With The Soil


With a focus on biology as the solution to soil and plant health, Holganix is continually pioneering new methods of incorporating soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to build resilient plants and healthier soils. 

Why does biology matter? Plant health begins with healthy soil that is teeming with microbial activity. Healthy soil helps maximize crop yield potential and turf performance. The soil ecosystem serves as a habitat, a sources of nutrients, and a protector from stress – all of which increase the plant’s ability to flourish. That’s why we at Holganix believe plant health and soil health are synonymous. 

Our Services

What We Offer
- Core Aeration (Spring or Fall)
- Slice Seeding
- Turf Type Tall Fescue Seeding (Spring or Fall)
- Preventative Grub Control
- Curative Grub Control
- Bio 800+ Lawn Improvement Program
- Organic Bio 800+ Lawn Improvement Program
- Tree & Shrub Bio 800+ Program
- Complete Detail Perimeter Pest Program
- Mosquito Defense Program
- Flea & Tick Defense Program
Quality Product
We have partnered with Holganix to provide our customers with an environmental soil enhancer packed with thousands of beneficial microorganisms
Service With Integrity
Honest, results-driven professionals at your property on every visit.
Technological Advancements
Fully customized dual trigger applicators to pinpoint problem areas at first sight. Gps tracking on all equipment to ensure complete coverage.
Industry Innovations
A biological lawn care approach, reducing herbicide and pesticides by up to 75%!